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Buckfastleigh Primary School

Buckfastleigh Primary School

Vision and Values

Buckfastleigh Vision and Values

Our Vision for every child...

‘Safe, respected and ready to step out into the world.’

Our Mission statement...

‘Setting no limits on what we can achieve with a positive attitude to life.’


The Buckfastleigh Values are the foundation of our curriculum and decision making in school. 

Good relationships are key for all children, staff and families so that they feel they are safe, trusted and connected to their community.  They are able to engage socially and with learning, both collaboratively and independently.

To be motivated learners, we must have a drive to be inquisitive about the world.  To develop a sense of wonder and the desire to know more about something.

In a world with a changing environment, we must educate ourselves to meet our own needs without compromising on the needs of future generations to meet theirs.

Children and adults use their imaginations to be inventive.  They go outside of what they already know to explore ideas and use different ways to perceive the world and solve problems.

Children and adults must have the confidence and resilience to face challenges with a positive attitude, knowing they have control over themselves and what they can achieve.