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Buckfastleigh Primary School

Buckfastleigh Primary School


Senior Leadership Team

 Laurie Archer - Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)

 Jess Rafferty - Assistant Headteacher, Early Years Lead and Deputy DSL 

 Pete Grafton - Assistant Headteacher, SENCo and Deputy DSL

EYFS/Year 1 - Goldfinches

 Jess Rafferty - Teacher

 Hayley Harvey - Teacher

 Sandra Ashman - Teaching Assistant

 Judith Chudley - Teaching Assistant

 Susannah Turp - Teaching Assistant

Year 1/2 - Sparrows

 Charlotte Craigie - Teacher

 Kate Chapple - Teaching Assistant


Year 3/4 - Kingfishers

 Katie Anslow - Teacher

 Myra Williams - Teaching Assistant

 Gemima Kay-Savage - Teaching Assistant

Year 4/5 - Barn Owls

 Jordan O'Brien - Teacher

Alison Gray - TA

 Clare Smerdon - Teaching Assistant

 Claire Austin - Teaching Assistant

Year 6 - Buzzards

 Tamsyn Smith - Teacher

 Jenny Nash - Teaching Assistant

 Roz Woodhead - Teaching Assistant


Maternity Leave

Emily Light

Family Support Advisor

 Krista Ford 

Wraparound Care and Community Gardener

 Wayne Ashworth

Admin Staff

 Nicola Dixon - Senior Administrator

 Kirsty Sparks - Administrator

Premises & Cleaning

 Stacey Ashworth - Site Manager and Cleaner

 Chelsey Ashworth - Cleaner

Meal Time Assistants

 Jenna Cartwright

 Anita Kindred

 Claire Austin

 Stacey Ashworth

 Chelsey Ashworth