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Spring Term 1

Hello again Canterbury Class parents,

    The best news so far this term is that we have welcomed Mrs Smith to our class. She has already built really positive relationships with the children and I like to think that we have made her feel welcome.

   The first bit of educational news is that our topic this term is based around Design and Technology and consists of designing, developing, manufacturing, evaluating and selling toys that use cams and levers - if your child could bring in a shoe box to help us with our project in the next few weeks then that would be a massive help.

    In Science our focus is on Forces and their impact on us and the world around us. We’ve already had a fantastic class conversation which has led to two independent investigations on the spur of the moment and one more in the pipeline. Any conversation around forces or pushes and pulls in our world would be of huge value.

   In English we will be starting by looking at effective speech in stories and integrating dialogue that is full of character into our writing. We will also be looking at the structure of our sentences and where we can play around with the position of clauses within our sentences. We will then be writing instructions and remembering to use all of our writer’s toolkit with things like imperative verbs and time conjunctions. We will then be writing persuasive letters trying to convince the dragons on Dragon’s Den that our toy is worth investing in!

    Our Maths begins with lots of multiplication and particularly formal methods such a long multiplication and the grid method. We will then spend a long time looking in depth at fractions – ordering, comparing, adding, multiplying and then using them to scale with - before comparing them to percentages and decimals. Any conversations around sharing things equally into fractions would be very helpful.

Homework and Key Information

Please continue working with your children at home playing games and encouraging the learning of times tables and spellings – especially those which we send home to be practiced in sentences – and 30 minutes of reading at home daily. Everything that we need to see all the time are:

  • Homework – to be handed in on a Wednesday
  • Reading Record - to be handed in on a Monday
  • School uniform to be worn at all times
  • PE kit to be in school every day in case we do PE on a non-standard day due to weather
  • Book bag containing reading record and reading book in school everyday

    We’ve honestly had such a calm and fun start to the Spring Term and we’re glad to see the children becoming increasingly independent in their learning. Many thanks as always for your continued support,                   

                                               Sam Roberts