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Buckfastleigh Primary School

Buckfastleigh Primary School


The school was last inspected in September 2021. 

The inspection team highlighted the many improvements the school has made since the last inspection.  Despite the challenges over the last 18 months, OFSTED recognised that the school has made a lot of progress in all areas.  Here are just some of the comments that recognise the significant improvements that have been made in a short space of time:

‘Children are polite, well-mannered and staff have high expectations of them.’

‘Children get off to a flying start in the Reception class. By the time most pupils leave key stage 1, they are ready for the next stage of their education.’


‘Leaders’ actions to improve pupils’ behaviour have led to a calm, safe environment in which pupils are able to learn.’

‘Reading pedagogy is strong and children make a flying start to their schooling.  Books match their abilities, the progress they make is bearing fruit and assessment is timely an accurate. Catch up by the Early Reading leader means they make strong progress in phonics.’

‘Leaders promote a love of reading through ambitious text choices’.

‘Since his appointment in September 2019, the headteacher has built a strong team.’

‘The early years leader has used her expertise well to implement a comprehensive and inspiring Early Years curriculum.’

‘English is a priority for children.  The English leader is knowledgeable and knows the strengths and weaknesses well. Strong CPD supports developments.’

‘Leaders identify pupils’ social, emotional and mental health needs quickly. They provide extra support for those who need it.’

‘The curriculum is broad and ambitious and enrichment is varied.  Diversity and reflection is considered and family groups provides a sense of belonging.’

‘The Geography curriculum is developing well’.

‘Despite the challenges, pupils have enjoyed many experiences to develop talents and interests. ‘

‘Staff feel supported and are ambitious for all pupils’

‘School leaders are well placed to improve further the quality of education.’

The inspection graded the school in five different areas and this informs their assessment of overall effectiveness.  At the last inspection, the school was requires improvement in all areas. 

This time, the school had made significant steps forward:

  • Quality of Education: Requires Improvement
  • Behaviour and Attitudes: Good
  • Personal Development: Good
  • Leadership and Management: Good
  • Early Years Provision: Good

This is huge progress in a relatively short time for the school and a recognition of all the hard work from every member of the team.  However, we ourselves felt that the school still ‘requires improvement’ as we have not yet had time to embed the improvements in Quality of Education that we are aiming for.  We agreed with the next steps identified by the inspection team and these form the basis for our work in the coming year as we continue on an upward trajectory.

A copy of the report can be found below.  Alternatively, click on the link to access the OFSTED website -  Ofsted reports website