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Meet our staff and Governors


Senior Leadership Team                       

Mrs Jan Hillman (Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL))   

Miss Jessica Alford (Assistant Headteacher, Deputy DSL)          

Mrs Jo Paylor-Sykes (EYFS and Senior Leader, Deputy DSL)

Ms Rosina Kellman  (SENDco , Deputy DSL)

EYFS- Ambleside

Mrs Jo Paylor-Sykes (Teacher)

Mrs Sandra Ashman  Targetted Learning Support                                                          

Year 1 - Wolverhampton

Mrs Shelley Micklewright (Teacher)

Mrs Mel Full Targetted Learning Support

Year 2- St Mark &  St Johns (Marjohns)

Miss Suzie Kendall (Teacher)

Mrs Myra Williams Targetted Learning Support

Mrs Kate Chapple Targetted Learning Support

Year 2/3 - Roehampton

Miss Jessica  Alford (Teacher)

Mrs Clare Smerdon Targetted Learning Support

Mrs Alison Gray Targetted Learning Support

Mrs Tina Wakley Targetted Learning Support

Year 3/4 - London Metropolitan

Mr Craig Irons  (Teacher)

Mrs Jeanne Nicholson Targetted Learning Support

Mrs Jenny Nash  Targetted Learning Support

Y5 - Canterbury

Mr Sam Roberts (Teacher)

Miss Kirsty Sparks Targetted Learning Support

Mrs Helene Hellgren-Smith  Teacher and  Targetted Learning Support

Y6- Aberdeen

Mrs Sam McCarthy (Teacher)

Mrs Roz Woodhead Targetted Learning Support

Mrs Frances Lloyd Targetted Learning Support 

Miss Julie Tomkinson Targetted Learning Support


Additional Adults/Responsibilities

Mrs Belinda Martin (Eco Schools Co-ordinator/Management Apprentice)          

Mrs Gemima  Kay-Savage  Sports Apprentice


Admin Staff

Ms Marianne Malin           

Mrs Michelle Allsop

Mrs Sandra Ashman

Caretaking & Cleaning

Mr Julian Head (Caretaker)

Mrs Janet Richards    

Mrs Stacey Ashworth      

Meal Time Assistants

Mrs Charmian Bragg        

Mrs Stacey Ashworth      

Mrs Jenna Cartwright      

Mrs Anita Kindred

Mrs Susannah Turp

plus targetted learning support staff as needed and Gemima  Kay- Savage as Sports Leader


Mr Malcolm Cowper (Chair of Governors)

Mrs Beverley Garland (Vice- Chair of Governors)

Mrs Sharron Humphries (Vice- Chair of Governors   

Gill Gray

John Goulden

Roz Parkes

Miss Jess Alford - Teacher and Assistant Head

Mrs Jan Hillman - Headteacher, ex-officio

                                                                                               Vice- Chair of Governors Beverley Garland shares her thoughts on being a Buckfastleigh School Governor. 

What is our role?

Becoming a governor is big commitment and not one to be taken lightly, but it is a very rewarding role.  Having been elected each governor undergoes formal on going training both at county and academy level, and during their first year is paired with a more experienced governor mentor who will undergo joint visits into school looking at pre decided areas linked into the School Development Plan.
We meet formally every half term to ensure that the School Development Plan is being implemented, to discuss staffing, update policies, feedback on Governor visits and to discuss future plans and developments at both school and Academy level.                                                     













Currently we have a vacancy for a Community Governor and we are very keen to recruit someone with financial expertise to further complement our experienced team of Governors.  If you know of anyone with accountancy or business experience, please do ask them to contact us via the school office.

Beverley Garland (Vice-Chair of Governors)