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Welcome to Canterbury Class

    Mr Roberts tries his best to teach us but Mrs Sparks, Mrs Wakley and Mrs Hellegren-Smith have to help him out and do most of the heavy lifting. We also have Mrs O’Neal and Mr Deam who teach us Tae Kwan Do and Violin respectively when Mr Roberts needs a break – from all that delegating – on a Tuesday afternoon.

    The Year 5 curriculum is for the incredibly hard working and our expectations are exceptionally high, learning lots of new and fun things in a huge range of ways while recapping and holding onto everything we have learned in school so far. We have been working even harder (if possible) on working both together with our peers and independently solving problems as these skills underpin everything we hope to achieve in life!

    Our day consists of plenty of learning. The morning is focused on our fluency in English and Maths skills, learning new skills and looking at new ways of applying everything we know. Our afternoons are full of Topic and Science work and broadening our minds with a whole range of subjects and ideas that change each half term.

    How can you help at home?

  • Reading with us for 30 minutes every day and talking about the thoughts and feeling of characters and events that we have just read about. If you want to challenge our thinking you can start to explore how and why the author made us feel a certain way. Although it’s our responsibility please help us to record our reading in our Reading Journal and put a little initial so that Mr Roberts believes us.
  • Helping us finish our homework will mean we have had valuable practice time of things we have learnt in school or preparation for our future topics.
  • Let us play Doodle Maths and/or Doodle Times Tables as both are a fantastic way for us to really secure our fluency so we can spend more time exploring reasoning and problem solving in our lessons.

If you ever want to discuss anything at all please just pop in or call the office to ask when Mr Roberts is free. It is never a problem to discuss our learning or lives in general.