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Welcome back to Spring 2019 in Ambleside class. Mrs A and I would like to thank you for all the lovely cards and gifts we received. We hope you had  a restful Christmas and are ready for full steam ahead! The children have chosen our new theme which is 'Pets & Vets'. So far this week we have drawn our pets, and if we don't have a pet we have drawn one which we would like.  We sorted out the cuddly toys into 'pets' and 'not pets' which caused much discussion. We have done a class pet pictogram, and looked at most popular pets. We have also made our role play area into a vets with opening times and a clock. We have wrapped the cuddly pets in bandages and been very kind and attentive! We have talked a lot about pets and what we already know. Lots of the children have brought in or emailed photos of themselves with their pets which we have added to the display. Please keep these coming...

Mrs P-S will be sending a letter out for our 1:1 parent meetings in the next few days :)