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3rd May

Fractions, fractions and more fractions!

This week, we have been amazing mathematicians.  We have continued to learn all about fractions and used our fraction walls to find equivalent fractions.  We now know that 1/2 is the same as 2/4, 3/6, 4/8 and 5/10.  We have also been practising our multiplication tables, ready to be tested on our targets, next week.

In English, we were learning about the difference between it's (it is, or it has) and its (possession).  We have been writing sentences using both words.  We also wrote a letter to a Stone Age boy, from a story.  We told him all about all the things we did in school and at home.

We have been completing an obstacle course with a blindfold in P.E., to help us work together.  We found out that we need to give clear instructions and also we had to listen carefully.

In violin, we became composers and performers, by writing our own piece of music and then performing it to the class.   We also did some singing in our French lesson, by learning to sing Happy Birthday - in French.