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26th April

Welcome to the Summer Term!

We have all come back from our Easter Break full of energy and ready to learn.

We have really enjoyed finding out about fractions, and learnt some new vocabulary.  Did you know the top number in a fraction is called a numerator, and the bottom number is the denominator?

In English, we have been looking at a book called 'The First Drawing'.  We have had to use our imaginations to think about what life would have been like before we had drawings.

We have also had fun completing some team working exercises in P.E.  We had to make a jigsaw without talking to each other, and build an obstacle course using different equipment.  We learnt that good communication, speaking kindly and listening, was really helpful.

We were also very excited to begin our French lessons again.  Why don't you ask us what month we were born in?


We are also very proud that our class attendance was 99% this week - fantastic!