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1st March

Kent's Cavern

On Tuesday, we had an amazing trip to Kent's Cavern.  We had a fantastic day and learnt lots.  On our return we talked about what we had learnt:

The cave was made of limestone.  Water washed through it for ages and ages and made it bigger and bigger. 

The floor was hard so they blasted through it to find fossils. 

The Roman soldiers thought the face in the wall was their God so they left 3 coins behind to say sorry.

There is a big rock shaped like a dragon.

Cavemen filled shells with moss and animal fat to use as lights.  

Candles were no use because the rats would eat them.

If there was a tiny hole, the smallest person would get covered in goose fat to help them slide through.

The cave had cave-bears inside, which were twice the size of a man.


We also did lots of fun activities including finding crystals in sand, looking at the skulls and bones of people that used to live in the cave and going on a treasure trail through the woods.

We had the best day ever!