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5th July

The Eden Project

On Thursday, we went on an amazing trip to the Eden Project in Cornwall.  We travelled on a big coach.  Once we arrived, we walked down to a huge building and met a ranger who told us all about the Eden Project.  

We then went on a short tour of the site and saw a huge blue statue which blew out smoke rings.  We then went outside and looked at all the different plants and flowers.  We loved the smell of all the beautiful sweet peas.

We looked around the huge Biomes and saw the plants that would grow in the Mediterranean.

After lunch, we all became Rainforest Rangers and had to pass lots of tests by learning about living in the rainforest.  We learnt that we needed food, water and shelter to survive.  Afterwards, we went in the Rainforest Biomes and explored the different plants.

We look forward to sharing more about our trip during our class assembly.