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21st June

Arts Week

This week we have had a very exciting arts week.  We have been very creative and made lots of things.

We combined our art and geography to make salt-dough continents, and then labelled each of the individual countries.

We also worked as a team to make Rainforest Dioramas.  They were made out of shoe boxes.  We combined three boxes to make the scene and then used cardboard tubes to make tall trees.  We added lots of extra detail by making things from pipe cleaners like tigers, snakes, nests, birds and spiders.   We also used the pipe cleaners to make leaves, flowers, branches and vines.

We were very lucky to have an artistic parent come in and work with us to create a rainforest collage.  We used real leaves to inspire us and then drew our own pictures of leaves.  We used pastels and chalk to colour them in.  These were put together to create a wonderful tiger collage.

We have also  begun making our own tribal masks, which we are looking forward to decorating next week.