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14th June


We had an amazing week swimming.  Lots of us really challenged ourselves and swam across the whole width and even the whole length, which was really tricky.  We have learnt to do breastroke arms and legs, looking just like a frog.

In maths, we have started to learn about shapes.  We have found out about 3D shapes such as pyramids, cylinders, triangular prisms, spheres and cubes.  We have also learnt to describe some 2D shapes such as triangles,  a rhombus, circles and rectangles.

In topic, we have been learning about the rainforest.  Did you know, there are 4 layers in the rain forest, emergent, canopy, forest floor and understorey?

We have also been concentrating on learning our multiplication tables and have used Hit the Button, Doodle Maths and Doodle Tables to help us.  Can you do some more at home?

We are continuing to do our Fiver Challenge by researching the things we might need to make our products.