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4th April 2019

What a week!

What a week to end a fantastic term for Year 1. We have been so busy this week, non of us are really sure if we're coming or going this afternoon!

On Wednesday our class joined Year 2 for a day at Paignton Zoo. We had a marvellous day looking at our favourite animals and applying the learning about animals from this term - especially our recent hot topic; what animals eat. Carnivores, herbivores or omnomnomomnivores? Jack said he couldn't believe the rhino doesn't eat meat - because he looks like he could gobble you up in a second, and I quite agree! 

Jacob got to see his favourite animal; the elephant. She was quite shy, but we managed to get a good picture of them. He wanted to take her home to keep as a pet, but I'm not sure how well that would have been received, so we left her in the capable hands of the zoo keepers, much to Jacob's disappointment!

Today we joined 4 other schools at Blackpool Primary as part of a local Year 1 dance festival. We danced to  music from The Lion King, and learnt some groovy new 'superhero' moves in a fun dance workshop. The morning went in a flash and we all had a great time. The whole class worked so hard to polish their dance and it certainly paid off - they were wonderful! 

I think that's it for school trips for a little bit. We're all ready for a few days off and a couple of Easter Eggs :)