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25th January

Our beans are HUGE! 

This week we are so pleased to share that our lovely bean seeds have all started growing. In just one week they have gone from tiny seedlings to being 4-5cm tall! We are ensuring they are well watered and kept in the sunlight to make sure they keep going. 

In English we planned how we would change The Enormous Turnip story and make it our own. We changed the characters and the vegetable, and today we started writing it out. The story is quite long, so we had to think really carefully about the beginning, the middle and the end to make sure it made sense. Ask us to retell the story at home to see how much we can remember...

Thank you to everyone who has brought in cereal boxes. We are starting a new project next week and they will be very useful for us. We still need a few more, so if you finish your Cornflakes over the weekend, please bring your box in on Monday! :-)