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Friday 7th June

A very busy week

In school this week we have started doing the £5 challenge which is to raise money for the school. We have to make something to sell at the challenge fair. As a group we are only allowed to spend  £5 on what we need to make our design. All the profit will go to the class to choose what to spend it on. - Alex, Emma, Evie and Megan

In swimming this week we have been doing back stroke, breast stroke and front crawl. The water is lovely and warm. Some people are in the deep end. They have been racing, it is fun although the water gets in your face and it is very tiring. - Makayla, Björn, Riley and Elsa

This week year 4 have been doing times table quizzes on the i-pads. You only get 6 seconds to answer the questions. At the end of the year we will be be doing the real test so we have been practising to build up our confidence. - Holly and Sofia

On Friday 14th June at 3p.m. Mr Irons would like to invite all the year 4 parents to come and see what the times table testing involves.