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This week we've been looking at these things: in Maths, percentages, decimals and fractions; in English, different types of clauses; in Science, we have started to make a model of the Earth, Sun and Moon; and we have also begun to look into the Sikh religion.

Angus has really liked learning about decimal fractions because it has been challenging. Samuel has said that, "Just doing Maths has been fun this week." T-Jay has found Maths a lot easier this week because he has made links between equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages.

Sol has enjoyed working out which clause is which in our English this week. Molly has liked working with relative pronouns to make relative clauses and parentheses in our work. We have also been investigating moving different types of clauses to different places in sentences to see what happens.

On Thursday, our classroom again became a complete vacuum. With space helmets on, we talked about the movement of the Moon relative to Earth and then made models of the Sun, Moon and Earth's movements.

On Monday afternoon, we began to learn about  Sikhism. Leon now knows that they have five ceremonial items that they wear on religious occasions and there are four rules that they must live their lives  by.