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Our first week back has been a mix of story planning, percentages and visits to Space.

Our English this week has been all about understanding stories in terms of Christopher Booker's "Seven Basic Plots" and comparing stories and their plot lines. We have also begun to look at using similes and metaphors to create interesting descriptions of characters.

We have been introducing the idea  of percentages and what  percent means. Angus has liked comparing fractions and percentages and turning one into the other. T-Jay says he has enjoyed the new challenges and likes that it feels like Maths is getting even harder.

Will really enjoyed our day and night discussion which went on for ages! We turned our classroom into a vacuum and looked at how the Earth orbits rotates on its axis and this creates night and day.

Lastly I think all of the children enjoyed Mr Roberts and the rest of the teachers dancing in assembly, let's  hope  it never happens again.