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This week we have been turning fractions into decimals and then comparing and ordering them, learning more about planets' movements, learning and rehearsing poems verbatim and we've almost finished our toys. 

Oliver's favourite part of the week has been learning about the movements of planets, especially when we got to model our own solar system and the crashing of the planets who didn't stay in their orbit. Our main learning was that the solar system is heliocentric!

Benoit really  liked learning our poetry  because  he liked the fact that he got to be creative and imaginative with his ideas. We will be thinking a lot about personification next week to add another dimension to our work.

While working hard  on our maths, we have focused on comparing decimals against fractions and other decimals to see which is the larger number. We have used these skills to order decimals in all sorts of contexts such as length and money.

Lastly, we also recreated the Battle of the Five Armies in the playground using some of the lethal weapons from our Viking topic!