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This week we have been having to complete some formal assessments but we have also made sure there's still been room for fun.

NFER assessments have taken up much of the week. These can be a bit tiring but are well worth it because we can find out how well we are doing and what we need to learn next.

Oliver was very pleased to present his Mars project at the end of our "Planets" science lesson. After  we had made up the saying "My Very Energetic Meerkat Jumped Slowly Under Nothing" he told us all about: how cold  Mars is; the landing of Curiosity Rover on it's surface; wether or not we could currently live on Mars; wether we could make Mars  inhabitable or not; and if there might be aliens frozen somewhere on the planet.

Will  G said that our cams work was very challenging as you needed to put the axle through the hole and then had to put the cam on it. Only after that can you thread the axle through  the hole on the other side of the frame.