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This week has been crammed full of writing letters, multiplying fractions, evidencing the Earth's spherical shape, carrying on with our toy production and enjoying a Red Nose Day joke  or thirty. 

Our letter writing in English has been a raging success and we've  been asking Mrs Hillman to sort out all of the numerous relationship problems in the  P.E. cupboard. We have had to use all of the features of a formal letter and develop a narrative.

Belle says that Maths has been, "Amazing!" because she has found it challenging and  - having made  loads of progress - knows that  she will have mastered fractions soon. Phoebe simply enjoyed multiplying fractions by other fractions. "Maths is easy once you know what to do!"

The beginning of our Space Topic has gone brilliantly. The children seem to have plenty of questions  such as:

Why does the sky appear blue during the day if Space is black?

How does day and night happen?

Why is a year the length of a year and a day the length of a day?

Lastly we had loads of fun telling jokes on Red Nose Day. The two winners which are going to assembly are incredible:

1) What do you call a red nose without a body? Nobody nose!

2) A snail  knocks on a man's door.  The man picks it up and throws it to the end of his garden. 3 years later the snail  knocks on the door again and says, "What on Earth was that for?"