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This week we have:

Continued our fraction work

Started a new topic in English - focusing on personification

Begun to make our toys

Studied friction as a force

Our English this week has been about personification. We have watched videos and read books that use it and compared how. Today we began to use it to impact on our reader. Angus says that he enjoyed the challenge of making every sentence have an impact on his reader.

Maths is still all about fractions, specifically improper fractions and mixed numbers. Sol has particularly enjoyed converting one to the other. Today was all about reasoning and explaining our answers which is something we could do more of at home with our homework! Lola says she really enjoyed showing her reasoning.

Dylan's loved working on our topic which has gone up a notch with the start of our actual construction of our toys. Molly began sawing dowling and fixing cams to her axle and should have finished her mechanism soon.

In Science we have been studying friction and looked at the best material for breaks on a bike. We then explored a certain type of friction - air resistance - which we have met before. This time we had Sol scooting around the playground with a parachute attached to his head.

What a flabbergastingly,  fabulous and fantastic week!