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This week has been full of animals, parachutes and pesky fractions...

Lola said she has been enjoying comparing fractions despite their pesky habit of having different denominators. We have also applied our ew skills to real life worded problems. It turns out fractions can be really helpful.

 In English we are in the process of making a book similar to "A Drove of Bullocks". The children have been writing all  sorts of characterful descriptions of their animals in between delivering relevant facts that all  go together to make  our reader feel something about our writing.

In Science we have created our parachutes and next week we will be testing them to see how long it takes them to hit the ground. Hopefully this will tell us something about Air Resistance!

We have also made key chains in support of a charity looking to place defibrillators around Buckfastleigh and potentially save lives.

We took part in Internet safety day and learned all about oth asking for and giving permission online.

Please still  help us collect more shoeboxes as we need as many as we can get!